Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge Winners for 2008

Congratulations to our top 5 competitors, and especially our winner Corey Harkins. If you’re a field conductor or someone looking for drum major tips or drum major salute ideas, check out the videos below. You’ll see some excellent examples of drum majors at their best.

Curious about the rules for the Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge? Click here to learn more.

1st Place – Corey Harkins
School: Union Mine High School
Age: 17

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2nd Place – Chris Honda
School: Ponderosa High School
Age: 16

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3rd Place – Jared Steele
School: Terra Nova High School
Age: 14

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4th Place – Rachel Clawson 
School: Rodriguez High School
Age: 17

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5th Place – Donald La Barre
School: Foothill High School
Age: 17

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About our judges: 
Our finalists’ performances were independently evaluated by a panel of three drum major experts and their results combined to determine our final placement. Here is some information about our judges :

Gene Monterastelli – runs the Drum Corps International (DCI) Hall of Fame Drum Major Leadership Program. He is a highly experienced DCI judge and has been on the visual staffs of the Troopers, Santa Clara Vanguard, the Bluecoats, Southwind, and the Phantom Regiment.

Scott Thomsen – is considered one of the top drum major instructors and judges on the West Coast. Besides being a field conductor, he is a master Scottish Mace and Military Signal Baton instructor. He was the drum major at San Jose State University.

Rick South – was the drum major of the Santa Clara Vanguard for four years and took the corps to an international championship. As an instructor, he helped the Vanguard win two more championships. The following year when he taught the Cavaliers they went on to win their 1st DCI Title.

Special Thanks:

I’d like to thank all of our judges for their help and absolute professionalism.

I’d like to thank Carson Schmidley, Drum Major of the Granite Bay High School Emerald Brigade for his assistance being the demonstration drum major for the contest.

And very special thanks to our co-sponsor Gary P. Gilroy Publications who provided some exceptional music that allowed us to showcase some excellent performances.

– Rick Wilson

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