The Secret Of Good Oral Commands

People do not respond to your oral commands because of the pitch of your voice, or how loudly you speak to them. You do not have to sound like a general barking out commands to get your group to follow you.

True, commands do have to be done clearly and loudly enough to be heard by the entire group, but there is something even more important.

The secret is having full intention behind each command. This means giving the command with complete determination that it will be carried out.

Each command must be given confidently and with full intention.

Do this: before giving any command, imagine that the group has already carried out your command. Then give it to them clearly and with confidence.

Can you remember an example where someone told you to do something….and you did it quickly, without questioning it or talking about it? That was an example of a command with full intention.

Commands with full intention behind them can be done pleasantly and with smiles on everyone’s faces.

Just decide that the action is already done and then give the command. You’ll be amazed at the results.