Matching Music and Performance

There is one basic item that can make the difference between a great and a not-so-hot performance. It has to do with this one little idea. Make your performance match the music.

Make every one of your body movements an extension of what the music is doing. Have the two working together, not against each other.

When you are planning a show, first sit and listen to the music. Listen to it again and again and again, until you are sick of it. Then listen to it once more.

Get to know every note of the music. Listen to what is going on. Is the music building, or getting softer? Are there smooth, flowing passages, or are the sounds sharp and angular?

You will begin to understand how you can perform the movements you hear in the song. Match the music. Your entire performance is encoded in what you are hearing. Break that code.

Make your performance match what is going on in the music and you are well on your way to being a top flight performer.