How To Beat Time With A Baton

Beating time is simply giving the band the beat or tempo of the music with your baton. It’s done in an up and down motion with beat one being at the top of the beat (left foot), and beat two at the bottom of the beat (right foot).

Hold the baton on its balance point, in front of the zipper of your pants. Your hand should be relaxed and the baton should feel comfortable to hold. The tip of the baton should be almost resting in the crook of your right elbow.

Just before beat one, raise your hand so it is slightly above your head. You baton and arm should now form a triangle that frames your face.

Let the baton pause at the top of the beat right on beat one of the music. Let your hand return back to the starting position so it is down on beat two.

Repeat this action in tempo with the music so that the baton is up on beat one, and down on beat two. This matches the one-two tempo of your feet (left foot-beat one, right foot-beat two). Keep the angle of the baton as consistent as possible and hold the baton lightly so it doesn’t wobble or waiver.