Parade Salutes

Here are some basics to remember when saluting a Reviewing Officer in a parade or band review.

Be sure you are saluting the Reviewing Officer. Usually the Reviewing Officer is dressed in some sort of formal military dress uniform. They are usually standing on some sort of platform along side of the street, near the middle of the competition area. In most cases there is a salute line in front of the Reviewing Officer that goes across the street.

While the drum major judge is the one who is scoring your performance, the correct person to salute is the Reviewing Officer. In some competitions not saluting him can mean being disqualified.

You should be in your salute position six steps before the salute line. It should be held six steps after the salute line. This is called “hitting your salute six and six.” Even if you don’t hit you salute exactly six steps before the line, hold it six steps afterwards or until the Reviewing Officer returns your salute.

Some band reviews will have three lines across the street, each twelve feet apart. The first line is where you hit your salute position, the second is the salute line, and the last is where you come out of your salute.

If there is no salute line across the street, and you can’t see a Reviewing Officer, simply aim for the middle of the reviewing stand.

Before hitting your salute, you’ll want to do some arm movements and presentation moves to show your level of skill. The length of these moves should be between 16 and 35 counts long to be competitive in most drum major competitions.