Leadership and Conducting: An Interview with Benjamin Zander

An Interview with Conductor Benjamin Zander By Rick Wilson A few years ago, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Benjamin Zander, the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He has a world-wide reputation and is considered one of the very best conductors alive today. I was able to watch him rehearse and later […]

Getting Maximum Energy from Your Group

Getting Maximum Energy From Your Group By Rick Wilson Photo: UCLA Drum Major Bryan Kreft. Here’s his description of the moment: “This photo was taken at the UCLA/USC game… at halftime… when we were playing One More Time Chick Corea… These were the last couple of blastissimo chords at the end… in between some skyrocketing trumpets. […]

Elements of a Field Performance

The Basic Parts of a Field Performance There are five basic components in every field performance put together by a marching band. These hold true despite the band’s style or music selection. They are: 1) The Set-Up involves bringing the band on to the field, getting each member in their proper position, getting them ready to perform. […]

The Championship Season – The Journey to Finals

The Championship Season by Kelly Johnson – Drum Major of the 2000 Div II International Champion Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets (Editor’s Note: In 2000, the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadet Drum & Bugle Corps made history. They not only captured the Division II Championship, but went on to end up 17th overall, besting a number of […]

Where Should a Drum Major Place Their Downbeat When Conducting?

Where Should a Drum Major Place Their Downbeat When Conducting? This text will be replaced Many field conductors ask where the best place is to put their downbeat when conducting their marching band or drum corps in performance? In this video, Rick Wilson shows you and tells you why the answer today is different from […]

The Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge Winners

Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge Winners for 2008 Congratulations to our top 5 competitors, and especially our winner Corey Harkins. If you’re a field conductor or someone looking for drum major tips or drum major salute ideas, check out the videos below. You’ll see some excellent examples of drum majors at their best. Curious about […]