The Baton and Mace Whistle/Signal System

The Baton/Mace and Whistle Signal System While watching bands recently, I’ve seen a number of bands get confused when the drum major gives a command using their mace/baton and a whistle. This happens because the band doesn’t understand how the mace/baton and whistle system works. It’s really very simple. When the drum major blows a […]

Leadership and Conducting: An Interview with Benjamin Zander

An Interview with Conductor Benjamin Zander By Rick Wilson A few years ago, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Benjamin Zander, the Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He has a world-wide reputation and is considered one of the very best conductors alive today. I was able to watch him rehearse and later […]

Getting Maximum Energy from Your Group

Getting Maximum Energy From Your Group By Rick Wilson Photo: UCLA Drum Major Bryan Kreft. Here’s his description of the moment: “This photo was taken at the UCLA/USC game… at halftime… when we were playing One More Time Chick Corea… These were the last couple of blastissimo chords at the end… in between some skyrocketing trumpets. […]