Acknowledging Your Audience By Rick Wilson

When leading a band in performance, don’t forget about the audience. They are there to be entertained, to see a show. Give them one.

When you get an audience’s response, be sure to acknowledge their applause. Give them a salute. Take a bow. Let the audience know you hear their applause and encourage them to give more.

A good performer is always “working the audience” to maximize the crowd’s response.

Acknowledge the crowd with a bow or salute between music selections, at high energy points in the show, and most definitely at the end of the show.

Memorable performances come from motivated bands. Inspired bands come from responsive crowds. Responsive crowds are encouraged by performers who acknowledge the audience and aren’t afraid to take a bow.

Photo: Kelly Johnson, Drum Major
Vanguard Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps – Santa Clara, CA