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General Information:
Marching Dictionary
Drum Major Salute Videos - New
How to Become a Successful High School Drum Major
Drum Major Tryout Packet
A Drill to Improve Your Marching
To see how a drum major should work with their band director — you need to watch Star Trek

Tips for Surviving Your Drum Major Tryout Interview - New

Field Conducting (for drum corps and marching bands)
How to Judge Field Conductors in Solo Drum Major Competitions - New
The Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge Winners
- Video
Ultimate Drum Major Conducting Challenge Rules '08
Where Should a Drum Major Place Their Downbeat When Conducting? - Video
The Championship Season - The Journey to Finals
Elements of a Field Performance
Getting Your Hand Salute Right
Matching Your Performance with the Music
Acknowledging Your Audience
Getting Maximum Energy from Your Group

How to Coordinate Multiple Field Conductors - New
Leadership and Conducting: An Interview with Benjamin Zander - New


Parade Competition Pattern
How to Beat Time with a Baton
How to Beat Time with a Military Baton - Video
How to do a Column Turn Sequence
Guide to Parade Salutes
The Baton and Mace Whistle/Signal System

Equipment Review: Competitor Series Mace New

Secrets of Good Oral Commands
Orders vs Commands
The Two Parts of Every Command
The Classic Drum Major Whistle

Drum Majors for pipe and drum, fife and drum, and military bands. Be sure to check out our site affiliate: www.drummajor.net This is the home of the Regimental Drum Major Association. They have some of the most complete information on these styles of drum majoring anywhere.


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